Cloud Computing Comes With A Lot Of Advantages

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk regarding cloud computing and how it is the best thing to have happened. That, indeed, is true. Cloud computing has revolutionised how technology can be used and this has, in turn, provided us with many of the services that we use in our daily life. Here are advantages of cloud computing.

No longer dependent on location

With the help of cloud computing, there is no longer any need to be at a particular location to access any data. As long as you have an internet connection, you would be able to access the data from anywhere and any device that you prefer using. It is no longer restricted to just one machine.

Increase in speed and efficiency

Since the data can be accessed with the help of internet, organizations do not have to worry about the hardware and the software capabilities of their systems to handle the data transfer. With a fast internet connection, data can be downloaded quickly, which saves a lot of time. Along with this, teams working on different geographical locations would be able to work simultaneously, improving the efficiency as well.

Effective usage of resources

Very useful for business owners and companies

Very useful for business owners and companies

Business owners and companies need not worry about paying for more space than they need. Depending on how much they can afford and need, they would be able to use less or more. This is a flexibility that was not present in other systems, and organisations had to hoard space on the off chance that they run out of it in future. But with cloud computing, there is no worry of wasted resources, while more would be available as and when it is needed.

A reduction in costs

Ever since cloud computing has been available; companies have stopped investing in stand-alone servers. As a result, even the costs involved for new software has reduced as well. This has ensured that there is a lot of money saved in terms of cost. Also, the pay per usage nature of cloud computing ensures that organizations now can pay only for what they need.

Customization is easier

Thanks to cloud computing, companies would no longer have to depend on existing software. Instead, they can build their own custom applications, which would help them serve their customers better.

No hazard to the environment

Cloud computing is environment friendly

Cloud computing is environment friendly

With no constant turnover in terms of hardware being used, cloud computing is environment friendly as well. There would be a significant reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide as well as the usage of energy.

As it can be seen, cloud computing is indeed a very good resource to use. It is very safe as well, as data can be transferred in the most secure way possible. There would be no need to carry along your laptop or any other removable storage device as all the information that you want to access can be done from any computer in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. It is definitely a boon for companies and businesses.

Tips To Make Your Ex Fall For You Again

Breakups are never easy... Specially if  you still have feelings for them

Breakups are never easy… Specially if you still have feelings for them

If you have recently come out of a relationship but want to reconcile with your ex, it can be little hard for you. Break ups can leave you emotionally hammered. However if you are sure that you ex is the right one for you and you need her back in your life, you need to plan it strategically instead of begging her to be with you. A little pride won’t hurt you and you’ll get to keep your girl. Here are some tips to make you get your ex back in love with you:

1. Cut off communication with her for a while

It might seem weird to you but the truth is everyone needs a little space after a break up to get their emotions back in line. If you try to reach out to her right after the break up, you might end up driving her away. Let her stay in her own circle for a while so that she can realize how much she misses you. It’s going to be hard but you’ll have to bear if you want it to work.

2. Allow yourself to heal your emotional wounds

Keep the distance while you plan  a reconciliation

Keep the distance while you plan a reconciliation

A break up has devastating effects on emotions and psychology. If you have recently experienced a break up with someone you believe you are on love with, you need time to recover emotionally otherwise you might not be able to think and act clearly. It is better not to make relationship decisions in a hurry so let yourself heal emotionally and cut yourself some slack while you are in this situation. You can plan about getting her back once you are able to control your emotions.

3. Act normal and natural

If you start behaving like a crazy stalker and cry and beg her to take you back, she’ll think of you as a loser who has nothing better to do in his life. If you want her back, keep your pride and show her that you are doing well. Act normal and don’t let her know that being away from her is killing you inside. It will make her feel bad for staying away from you and she’ll want you back even more.

4. Maintain your good looks

Romance will break the ice and you´ll get back together

Romance will break the ice and you´ll get back together

Keep up your profile after your break up. Don’t let it affect your social life and career. Dress up better than you used to do before and act and look happy all the time. When your ex will see you like this she’ll think that you are on the verge of moving and might be starting to forget all about her and she’ll realize that now is the only time for her to have a shot at getting you back.

If you follow the above suggestions and implement them, you’ll find out that these are very effective in catching the attention of your ex and will make her fall in love with you again and she’ll want to get back with you again.

Types Of Food In Your Kitchen That Can Trigger Weight Loss

Plan a healthy diet for you

Plan a healthy diet for you

What you eat decides who you are. People today are realizing this now and moving towards more healthy diet plans and healthy eating habits. Obesity problems plaguing the world have prompted people to take not of what they are eating in their daily life and avoid unhealthy food items. While some food items increase weight, some food items trigger weight loss. Here is a list of such food items that can help in weight loss:

Items that increase metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Some people have naturally high metabolism rate and that is why they can almost eat anything and still stay slim while others have low metabolism rate. People who have weight loss problems generally have lower metabolism rate. However, some food items increase the metabolism rate of your body naturally. One of them is green tea that is known to contain photochemical which helps in increasing metabolism. Moreover, green tea also has anti oxidants, which interacts with the free radicals in the body helping you to flush out the toxins, which in turn helps further in weight loss. Lastly, green tea is dieters drink as it makes them feel fuller and keeps them away from beverage containing sugar and high calories like coffee and soda. Herbs like peppers and chilies are also good sources to increase the metabolism rate of your body.

High fiber items

Trying to lose weight?

Trying to lose weight?

Fiber is an important constituent required by all humans. However, with unhealthy lifestyle people have ignored these items from their list. Fiber does not only make you feel fuller thus decreasing your calorie intake but it also requires more energy by the body to digest the fibers using extra carbohydrate in the body. As a result, you eat less and burn more. Lastly, fiber is laxative helping you flush out the toxins from the body. Oatmeal is a perfect source of fiber and can be used to make interestingly tasty dishes at home. Oatmeal, apart from being high in fiber content also helps to keep the energy levels in your body regulated. Secondly, eat fruits without peeling off the skin to increase the intake of fiber. Lastly, whole grain breads can be used instead of regular white breads, which taste the same but are high in fiber content.

High protein items

Goal achieved!

Goal achieved!

Protein in your body helps in building your muscle mass. Muscles burn calories much faster than fat. Moreover, muscle mass is required if you are exercising for weight loss. Lastly, it takes longer time for protein to burn than fat and carbohydrates and hence it keeps the sugar levels in your body regulated. Therefore, there are multiple advantages of high protein diet. White meat, fish and eggs are good sources of protein. However, if you are a vegetarian then you can opt for soymilk, soybean, lentils and beans.

If you look closely in your kitchen ad fridge, you will find these food items lying in some corner. It is your choice whether you want to use these to your advantage or ignore them and opt for more unhealthy options.

While You Are Sipping

Systematic Investment Plan

Systematic Investment Plan

Systematic Investment Plans provide a less risky and convenient way to enter into equity markets. These are simple to understand and execute, and work very well for conservative investors who are not keen on timing and tracking the markets. Here are a few points your need to keep in mind while going for Systematic Investment Plans:

1. You can match it with Systematic Withdrawal plans

Systematic Investment Plans help you enter the equity market at various levels to help you average out your cost of purchase. However, the actual calculation of the return on investment depends on the difference between the average purchase price and he average selling price. How do you then ensure that your selling price is also averaged out and is not too low when its time for redemption? Here you can take help of Systematic Withdrawal Plans that help you exit at various market levels to average out your sale price.

2. Systematic Investment Plans linked to closed ended funds

Closed ended funds are those mutual funds that have a fixed tenure and cannot be redeemed before the tenure is completed. It is advised to avoid linking Systematic Investment Plans to closed ended funds.
This is because of the hassle it can cause during redemption. You will not be able to withdraw your funds at one go and will compulsorily have to do it in a phased manner. Therefore, if you have signed up a monthly Systematic Investment Plan, you will be able to redeem on a monthly basis only.

3. Don’t start over diversifying

Over diversifying is a bad investment plan

Over diversifying is a bad investment plan

Systematic Investment Plans help you direct your small savings into the equity markets in a phased manner to manage market risks effectively. But because you can invest in low denominations you may get tempted to pick up various funds and various Systematic Investment Plans. This would lead to over diversification and may end up flooding your portfolio with many small investments making it difficult to track them and manage them effectively.

4. Set up an Auto debit

Since in most Systematic Investment Plans you need to make monthly payments to the fund, there are times when you may get late or forget to make timely payments. Either you could set a reminder or the best option is to set up an Auto debit instruction in your bank account that deducts the given amount on a date decided by you.

5. Link it to your salary account

A good idea is to link the Systematic Investment Plan to your salary account. Since these investments are sometime taken by small investors with the purpose of encouraging forced discipline savings, it would make sense to link it to the salary account and choose a date close to your salary credit for the automatic deduction.

6. Link it to your Fixed Deposit

Another good idea for prudent savers is to link your Systematic Investment Plan to your fixed deposit account. Make a monthly investment of your fixed deposit interest into this equity option and benefit from much higher rate of return annually.

7. Avoid Systematic Investment Plans in debt fund

Avoid Systematic Investment Plans in debt fund

Avoid Systematic Investment Plans in debt fund

The main advantage of Systematic Investment Plans is to reduce the average cost of entry into equity markets. But if you go for an option in a debt fund this advantage is void.

With so many advantages, Systematic Investment Plans makes a great investment option for small passive investors. However, for the aggressive investors who would like to time the market, this may not be the best option.

Direct Marketing: Its Time Has Come

Direct marketing for your business

Direct marketing for your business

After agriculture prospered enough to feed more than one household, trade started happening between different individuals through barter system. When the trade and commerce grew beyond boundaries of a town or village, currency in term of gold was introduced in several economies as a medium of exchange. This was later replaced by paper money as we currently use in most economies of the world.

With the industrial revolution, the production was being done in mass and hence the need to reach out to different markets came up. With this progression, many companies established huge network of distributor network established over the length and breadth of their country and beyond. These networks have worked very well traditionally to make the products and services reach the end consumer.

However, each of these layers or intermediaries have added an extra cost to the product without adding much of a value to the product. Due to advancement in technology, the new age companies have been able to eliminate these intermediaries and build a business model where products are distributed, marketed and advertised by the manufacturing company directly to the customer. Another reason for the advent of new age companies going for direct marketing is it helps eliminate overall marketing costs in the times of recession when bottom lines are under stress.

Put internet marketing to work for you

Put internet marketing to work for you

Some mediums of direct marketing include direct selling, online display ads, direct response commercials and text messages. This is the latest trend in business where the company is directly connected with the end customer. It also helps the company have better control on the last mile distribution of its products and keep an eye on the pulse of the customer’s needs. With some of the cost advantages being passes on the customers, in terms of a cheaper product or a better quality product, this seems to be a win-win situation for both the parties.

Let us understand three of the emerging medium of direct marketing in detail.

Direct Selling: A key driver of growth

This means sales of the company’s products and services through a sales representative or by an authorized distributor of the company. This model helps the company to pay better incentives to its representatives and also provide a better quality product to the customers. This industry is a 167 billion dollar industry according to some latest reports, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Ecommerce is the way to go

ECommerce is the new buzzword in every company’s dictionary. The internet technology has allowed business to prosper due to its low cost and far reach. The eshop is open 24X7 and the diversification of business across various geographical boundaries provides a forum for massive growth for the companies in the coming times. Some of the tools used by marketers on the internet to reach the customers directly include affiliate links, banners and search engine optimization.

Television catalogues also known as infomercials

Use the right tools for marketing

Use the right tools for marketing

This medium has been able to provide interactive medium for customers to shop at the comfort of their homes. These may last 2 minutes to an hour. An attempt is made to make the content entertaining and at times celebrities are hired to endorse the brands.

While there are many other medium of direct marketing like, the above three are the ones catching the fancy of most businesses as sustainable business models. If you are a businessman unaware of these latest trends in marketing, it’s time to assess your readiness to make most of this rising wave.